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Inpatient vs. Outpatient

Treatment facilities offer patients two different types of programs: inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Both programs go through the same treatment process, however inpatient programs requires patients to check into and stay at a facility while outpatient programs allows patients to go about their everyday life while still going through recovery. Patients can expect to be in treatment anywhere from a month to a year depending on the severity of the addiction or the drug of choice that is being abused.

Although both options are available, inpatient programs are the most recommended treatment option. Inpatient programs completely remove patients from any toxic environment that may have triggered them to go down the path to addiction. Removing patients from harmful environmental factors or triggers eliminates the social pressures or temptations that could get in the way of a successful recovery.

Inpatient treatment programs offer round-the-clock medical care and attention for patients. Such a program may be best suited for individuals who:

Inpatient programs are highly-effective due to the fact that patients will have access to medical staff 24/7. Because of the uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms that one may experience during detoxification, having constant access to medical supervision is pivotal in ensuring the safest and most comfortable care possible..

inpatient vs outpatient

Once the detox is completed, patients will undergo psychotherapy during their stay at the facility. Patients will participate in one-on-one or group therapy sessions to aid them with proper recovery tactics and provide support for their newly-sober lifestyle. Some inpatient programs may offer specialized services such as yoga or medidation classes, nutritional counseling, personalized meals and even religious services.

Outpatient programs do not require patients to check in or stay at a facility, but rather allow them to go about their daily life while in going through the recovery process. Patients will have access to everyday communication with their friends and family during this time which can help the patient recover by providing emotional and loving support. Outpatient programs are not recommended to individuals who are suffering from severe addictions who may need more intensive, round-the-clock medical care.

Patients run a higher risk of relapsing because they are exposed to the environment that may have played a role in their addiction, but for some this could also be an advantage. Being exposed to these challenges may help some patients learn how to live a sober life simultaneously while going through recovery, while those who go through inpatient programs have to wait until after their treatment to apply what they learned.

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