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Halfway House

halfway house

Halfway Houses, also known as "sober living houses", are transitional living environments where individuals who are in recovery from a substance addiction go to help aid them in coping with their newly-sober lifestyle. Leaving treatment and going back to the outside world, which may be full of triggers and temptations, can be overwhelming for some people. Aftercare programs, such as halfway houses, exist to help be the bridge to this transition. Even though an individual may seem ready to go back to their everyday life, healing takes time and a lot of effort, and halfway houses will help the individual apply what they learned during treatment to real life situations and environments.

Individuals who live in halfway houses may come from a number of situations, including:

In order to be accepted into a halfway house, residents must first pass a breathalyzer and drug test. Halfway houses, although they are proven to be highly effective in the recovery process, do not offer detox and are not equipped to handle withdrawal symptoms. If you or a loved one are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, than a treatment center may the best option.

The purpose for a halfway house is to serve as an outpatient living situation that is a sober and clean environment for its residents while they go through recovery. Outpatient programs are typically more affordable than inpatient care, which may be a better option for some patients depending on their insurance coverage. Halfway houses allow residents to still work, go to school, or fulfill other commitments outside of the center. They are offered as an aftercare program by treatment facilities for those who wish to easily and successfully transition to a sober lifestyle and reduce the risk of relapse while still undergoing recovery.

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