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Over the years, The Treatment Helpline has had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals understand their addiction and find the right treatment program that best fit their own specific needs to get them on the path to a successful recovery. We have the skills, knowledge, and resources to help fully guide you through the process to get you on the path towards recovery once and for all.

Below are some of the comments patients have shared with us about their experiences with The Treatment Helpline and the rehab centers we have helped refer them to:

Peter W.
"I never really knew how bad my situation was until I made the first call to TTH. After talking to the representative for about 20 minutes and going over my recent behaviors and actions, I realized that I had a major alcohol problem. I didn't know what to expect coming into the call with TTH, but they were able to assist me in finding the perfect treatment program and facility to best suit my needs. I was worried about the cost of rehab, but the agent talked to me about the insurance options and my treatment was actually covered. After making it through the treatment program provided to me by TTH, I was able to get a new job and I am now able to see my children on the weekends. Thank you TTH for saving my life."

Deborah B.
"It was the lowest point in my life and I really felt that I had nowhere left to turn to find help. I had just relapsed for the third time and my PCP addiction was already driving a wedge between my family and I. That was when a former coworker suggested that I give a call to the TTH. He had said that they had helped his grandmother with her gambling addiction, but that they had all kinds of programs for all different types of addictions. I didn't expect too much going into the call because I had done this before with other helplines, but TTH was different. They really engaged me with that first phone call. It wasn't about just giving me information, they actually cared whether I got better or not and that meant a lot to me. In less than two weeks I was on my way to a treatment facility with a program that suited my needs perfectly. Thank you TTH for helping me finally kick P.C.P. to the curb and get control over my life back."

Matt L.
"Before I contacted TTH, heroin was in complete control of my life. I couldn't go more than ten minutes without thinking about heroin or trying to find new ways to get more of it. By my 25th birthday, I was spending nearly $100 a day on the stuff and I had cut myself off completely from most of my family and friends. It was around then that I started stealing from people to get more money for heroin and one day it just hit me. I was running scams on craigslist to get people to send me money and I just kind of snapped. I couldn't believe the person I had become and I knew that I had to do something about it. I went online and started searching for treatment options and that's when I came across TTH. The first call was great, I was excited to hear about my options and the representative was equally excited to tell me about them. She seemed to truly care about my wellbeing and that meant a great deal to me."

Edwin L.
"I was letting cocaine control my life. My boyfriend had just left me and I was sneaking away at work every hour or so to "powder my nose". The last straw was the day my company let me go. I got back from one of my many twenty minute "bathroom breaks" and my boss asked to me to meet with her in her office. She asked me if everything was okay and I got super defensive especially after she said that a coworker had mentioned that my bathroom activities were getting rather "suspicious". That was pretty much rock bottom for me. I had always had a great relationship with this woman and here I was yelling at her for calling me out about my cocaine use at work. After clearing out my things and going home, I started researching treatment options. I felt so bad about yelling at my boss over cocaine, it was all over a stupid drug. After about 5-10 minutes of surfing various sites, I stumbled upon TTH. Their website was very helpful and they had a cool feature where they actually would call you to talk about your addiction. I didn't think much of it when I entered my cell phone number in the box, but a representative from TTH called me within two minutes. We spoke at length about my addiction and what my potential options were. Within a week, I was on a bus to an awesome treatment facility that was only about two and a half hours from where I lived. After about six weeks of treatment, I felt better than I did at any point in my entire life. Thanks TTH for helping me get my life back. I never thought that I could accomplish all this."

Joan F.
"I can't even begin to explain how low I was feeling. When I first contacted TTH, I was spending about $60 a day on cocaine for me and my friends. When I first started using, I only was using cocaine about once a month or on special occasions. As these occasions started to become more frequent, I felt my physical dependence on cocaine start to grow. The more I used, the more I felt that I needed cocaine to get through my daily activities. My group of friends started to change as I was only hanging out with people who shared my passion for cocaine. These new "friends" I had acquired were not financially supporting our cocaine use and seemed to only be interested in spending time together when I had cocaine. This made me feel very alone and depressed. I started spending less on cocaine because I literally couldn't pay my bills anymore and I was falling behind on my rent. This only made my cravings worse and I knew I had to do something to get out of this "funk" I was in, so I called TTH. Right from the get go, TTH let me know of a wide variety of treatment options that were available to me, most of which I never knew existed. After about a 20 minute phone call, I had already been approved for treatment and knew the location of where it would be taking place. Within 2 weeks, I was on my way to a treatment facility. Thanks TTH for helping me get my life back on track!"

Courtney W.
"Alcohol had been in charge of my life since I was a teenager. I started drinking when my parents split up and I never really looked back. I thought drinking would help me forget my problems, but most of the time it just made them worse. By the time I turned 25, I had already racked up three DUI's and my driver's license was suspended. My alcoholism made keeping steady employment nearly impossible and the fact that I couldn't drive made it difficult for me to even find jobs. I knew I had to do something. One day while scrolling the internet, I clicked on an ad for TTH. After reading their page about alcoholism and treatment, I decided to give them a call just to see if they had anything they could offer me. That first phone call really set the dominos in place for my recovery. They explained the whole detox and treatment to me and I was all set. Within 3 days, I was on my way to an alcohol treatment facility that also allowed me to bring my two year old son. I had always worried about going to rehab because I didn't want to leave my son at home, but TTH took care of those fears. Within 2 months, I was home and alcohol free. It's been three years since I finished my treatment and I can't thank TTH enough. God Bless TTH! "

Bob W.
"My wife and I started gambling when we were about 45 or so. The kids had moved out and we had a little disposable cash, so we didn't think too much of a weekly trip to our local casino. The first few years were pretty consistent; I would usually play blackjack for a few hours and Wendy would play the slots. We always had a good time together at the casino. Sometimes we'd win and sometimes we'd lose, but the gambling was never an issue. The problem didn't start until after my accident. I got hurt at work on my own accord, but I wasn't able go back for about a year. This accident awarded our family with a nice chunk of money, but I was stuck in the house for the next six months. For the first two or so months, Wendy was very supportive. She didn't mind staying home with me and watching TV or a movie, but that eventually changed. After some time, staying home made Wendy feel antsy from being cooped up. One Friday, she said that she was going to the casino to get out of the house. She had been very patient with me after the crash and I didn't see a problem with her going, but she didn't end up coming home that night. She finally came back around 9 the next morning saying that she had lost track of time. I asked her how she did and if she felt better, but she didn't want to talk about it. Over the course of the next few weeks, I found her going to the casino almost on a daily basis. She would say that one of her friends was going to be there and that she just wanted to stop in for a visit. Most of these nights ended with Wendy coming home angrily around 3 or 4 in the morning saying that it was my fault she lost and that I had ruined her luck. It was also around this time that Wendy went from being to a social drinker to having a clear drinking problem. She got her first DUI, which didn't seem like my wife at all. Wendy used to make me get a cab even if we only had a single drink when we were out to dinner. During of the next few months, she would go on to spend my entire settlement and most of our savings, which was about $150,000 in total. When I confronted her about her gambling and drinking, she threw a fit saying that it was her life and I had no business telling her how to live it. She had never spoken to me like that before. It was in that moment I knew I was losing her to addiction. I started searching for answers to get her help, which is when I came across the The Treatment Helpline. I spoke to a representative who informed me of a gambling treatment center about 2 hours from my house that could treat both her gambling addiction and alcoholism. Prior to that phone call, I had no knowledge that such a place even existed. I told Wendy about it and she said that she would give it a try; she could see how badly I was hurting. I took her to treatment a week later and since it was so close, I was able to visit her during her stay. She made it through treatment in a couple months and is now back to being the woman I fell in love with. Thank you, Treatment Helpline, for saving my best friend and my marriage!"

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